Hair Removal

At Cosmetics Laser Clinic, we are proud to offer our clients the Candela Gentle Systems in Laser Hair Removal regarded as industry Gold Standard within the cosmetics field. We can ensure the best lasers will be used on the correct skin types providing you with safe and effective treatments right through from the darkest to the lightest of complexions. You can expect low-pain laser hair removal with the correct laser for your skin type. At Cosmetics Laser Clinic we will conduct a full medical consultation to ensure we select the correct treatment pathways suited to your individual needs so that you achieve effective safe results.

Best investment! Great results after a course of hair removal treatment with Cosmetics Laser Clinic. I wish I’d done it sooner as saves so much time, money and my skin looks fantastic! Have had laser at other clinics but Michelle’s technique is by far the best, thank you!

Our superior laser systems can be used on every part of the body regardless of skin type, gender or age. So whether you have low pain tolerance, hormonal imbalance hair production or have been told lasers will not work on you, our gold standard laser systems may be a better solution for you.

Why Choose Us

  • Safe & gentle
  • FDA approved
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Can be used on most hair colours (has previously not been possible) and all skin types 1-6
  • Highly effective with outstanding results
  • During your consultation your hair and skin will be assessed. You will then be recommended a bespoke programme that will offer you the best results for your hair type and skin. On average we recommend 4, 6 or 8 sessions depending on each individual.
  • Occasional maintenance treatments may be required.